Mari Hofman’s favorite medium is drawing. To Mari, drawing is a very fundamental process, a direct way of expressing himself. He practically rubs the graphite and pastel into the paper. His impulses, instinct and intuition give meaning to the lines, with the objective of developing a clear and strong image, which brings about a certain intimacy in the relation with the spectator.

As an artist, Hofman is a keen observer himself and his observations evoke emotions and images that result in a tangible product with an emotional value. He is attracted to the twilight zone between figuration and abstraction. There is always a starting point to his work, a concrete image or observation that triggers his interest and gets the creative process going.

Once started, Mari Hofman continues to work on his drawings for a considerable period of time, coming back to the drawing and putting it aside again. In the course of this drawing procedure, the image transforms into its final state. To him, the essence of his work is to keep on improving the process of failing, resulting in a pleasant degree of melancholy…
Repetition is an important element of his creative process. Circling around a theme, approaching it from different angles. Continually taking a new position in the same space. However paradoxical it may sound: through such repetition, Mari Hofman finds the difference that results in his fascinating series on a variety of themes.

Mushroom series
Mushrooms and fungus fascinate Hofman. Their colours, the fact that many are poisonous, their rapid growth and their transience: all these aspects captivate him. But the main reason for his choice of theme is the elaborate form mushrooms take.
In the Mushroom series too, finding different angles and repetition have resulted in a range of enchanting drawings.

Academic education:
Art Academy St. Joost, Breda
Ateliers 63, Haarlem
Art Academy Arnhem (ABK) graduated 1975

Freelance illustrator
1985-2008: The Art Box (Amsterdam) and Margaretha Hubauer (Hamburg). Accounts including De Bijenkorf, Jill Sander, Kaufhaus. BMW-Netherlands, Royal Army, Shell, Avenue Magazine, Hij-fashion, AKZO, Sheraton-hotel.

Lectureships/teaching posts
1975-1986: teacher ABK Arnhem
1975-1986: teacher Art Academy St. Joost
1998-2014: lecturer Technical University Delft (Architecture, Aerospace engineering)

Autonomous artist
From 2000: ongoing artistic development, producing autonomous drawings  and collages and portraits .

2000-today: running drawing and painting courses in Italy in the summer (